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Handmade Christmas Ornament Hippie Bus Bauble

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Christmas ornament Hippie Bus

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Christmas ornament Hippie Bus


Christmas tree is one of the most important places in our homes during Christmas.

Do you want your Christmas tree to look unique and original?

Do you want to have a magical Christmas time?


We want to offer you beautiful, hand-made baubles. Our baubles are unique and created with great precision and most importantly with heart.

We use high-quality material and paints to make our baubles, where every detail is visible. The entire production process takes place in a Polish factory and is based on manual work by experienced professionals. This means that every bauble is orally blown, then decorated and hand-painted by experienced artists who take care of every detail. Fantastic decorations and spectacular design these are the  features of our Christmas decorations.


With our Christmas ornaments, your Christmas tree will be charming and one of a kind!

You can choose between fancy, humorous, fabulous and thematic baubles.

Handicrafts that will add charm to your tree! These wonders baubles must hang on your Tree this Christmas!


Subject of the auction is the Hippie Bus-shaped Christmas Ornament.

Presented bauble is in green and yellow color with pink, red and purple glitter and colourful flowers.




Height - 5cm

Width: 10,5 cm

Thickness - 5 cm

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