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7 Litre Hunting Pot - Cast Iron Cauldron Fireplace Hearth Bonfire

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Hunting pot - 7l made of high-quality cast iron - ideal for family celebrations and team-building events. A vital element of every camp and campfire meeting.

The set includes: Cast iron pot 7l, 3 legs, 3 screws mounting the legs to the pot, lid, clamp, 2 screws fixing the lid, manual

VAT included


Length: 31.0 cm

Width: 32.0 cm

Height: 44.0 cm

Caution! Before each use, the pot should be thoroughly washed and greased with a teaspoon of edible oil on its internal surface. Do not place an empty pot above the heat source or change the temperature of its storage rapidly. Cast iron is susceptible to temperature differences. The pot should be warmed up gradually if the temperature is too high, the cast iron will become brittle and may break. Hot cast iron should not be treated with cold water. It will cause a thermal shock and may result in the pot cracking.


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