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Set of 4 Waste Stackable Bins Trash Segregation Recycling Ecology RUBBISH 4x Bin Bags

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Is world without waste possible? Today, traditional buckets placed in the sink cabinet are being forgotten in favour of a rainfall segregation system that provides quick access, trouble-free emptying and easy cleaning. Our Sortibox container not only meets these requirements, but also gives you the option of ongoing sorting. High quality, aesthetically made and roomy (20L) with a design created especially for limited space.

VAT included

Coloured hinged flaps in the covers indicate the fractions of sorted waste. Great shape and colours, Sortibox fits into the current design trends, combining the need with functionality and minimalism.

Bins come in Anthracite Colour.

Set contains 4 bins:

4 x 20L

4 x coloured bin bags 60L (50 pcs on one roll)

The dimension of each bin:

Width is -23.2 cm

Height -33 cm

Depth - 39.5 cm

4 bins and stickers included.

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