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Compogreen compost bin designed for composting various types of biodegradable waste and producing natural fertilizer.

There is enough space for 220 litres of garden waste and organic waste. The dimensions are also designed so that the composter can even be used in small gardens or on balconies. In addition, the fast composter is made of high-quality and robust plastic, so that it is weatherproof and frost-resistant. Vents placed in the side walls allow for optimal decomposition of biological waste. The composting device is supplied in black and a practical flap on the bottom is used to remove fresh compost.

Weather-resistant quick composter with high heat development inside. Easy to fill from above and provided with flap near the ground for the simple removal of the humus.

Make your own humus-rich garden soil with the quick composter. Because of the special design and its dark colour the composter attains a higher temperature inside than common composters. The warmth encourages a quicker bacterial decomposition and this leads to better results.

A flap near the ground ensures a simple removal of the humus.